3D Home Theatre is amazing. When properly absorbed in it, you can literally feel as though you were running at breakneck speed through the lush green, tropical forests of Pandora or mere moments away from having your head devoured by a giant shark at sea. For a privileged few, 3D has changed the way we watch TV forever and is certainly becoming a mainstay of the modern home. That said, however; many people don’t get the maximum benefit from their 3D theatre setup. If you’re one of those people, then this guide was written just for you.



  • Need tips to get the most of your 3D Home Theatre setup


Affected devices

  • 3D Home Theatre setup


  • Watching standard TV in 3D
  • Improve movie watching
  • Showing off your photos

Watching standard TV in 3D

Some TVs will perform up-scaling from standard TV programs. This is not available on all 3D TVs.

  •       Press the 3D button on your remote control
  •       Select 2D or 3D
  •       The program you are watching will now appear in 3D


Note: this will not make things jump out of the screen but will give the appearance of depth to the TV programme.


Improve movie watching

To enjoy a movie properly you need to have the right atmosphere, this can easily be created by ensuring that there is as little light as possible in the room so that the only light is coming from your TV. To enhance this further check out the TV’s contrast/brightness settings these can be changed to match the environment. Remember that brightness is the strength of the black on your screen and contrast is white. Also the more light in the room then generally the higher the brightness should be. Also check out the pre-sets for your TV, these are optimised for certain situations by the manufacturer, can be called: ‘Movie’, ‘Sport’, ‘THX Movie’ and can improve the quality of the image on the screen.


Show your Photos off

Have you been on holiday recently? Did you take a few quality snaps on the beach, and do you now want to show them off to your family and friends? Well this can be done quite easily via your TV, in fact some TV’s with have a memory card slot on them, so the card from your camera could be plugged in directly to show your pictures on the big screen. Also, your TV might have a USB connection which can be connected to your camera or mobile phone to copy images across.

And that concludes our guide to getting the most our of your 3D Home Theatre system. We sincerely hope you enjoyed it, dear reader, and until next time, have fun with your technology!

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